SPDR’s Rescue Statistics

AboutSPDR's Rescue Statistics

Whether we refer an adopter to a dog needing to be rehomed, or take a purebred dog out of the shelter for foster care (leaving room for more dogs to be handled by the shelter), we are proud of our efforts to find new homes for purebred dogs.

Rescue Statistics for 2020

During 2020 SPDR was contacted about 292 purebred dogs needing new homes.  Rottweilers were the top dogs needing rescue with 80 and Golden Retrievers were second with 43.

Our Breed Representatives work very hard to find homes for as many dogs as they can. Many have organized a great team of volunteers and foster homes that support them in the rescue of their breed. Much of their success can also be attributed to having generous donors and being able to raise money to help dogs with special medical or behavioral needs. If you would like to help SPDR and support your favorite breed, go to the “Help SPDR” page on our website and donate.

A very heart-felt thank you goes to all the dedicated Breed Reps, Co-Reps, Foster Homes and the many other volunteers who helped SPDR continue to serve its mission. Not only are these statistics an important educational tool for the public, they are an excellent testimony to the success of our organization as a whole.

Top 10 Breeds Handled in 2020

  1. Rottweiler 80
  2. Golden Retriever 43
  3. Old English Sheepdog 37
  4. Labrador Retriever 26
  5. Newfoundland 24
  6. Boston Terrier 18
  7. West Highland White Terrier 11
  8. Border Collie 8
  9. German Shorthaired Pointer 8
  10. Welch Corgi (Pembroke) 7

Detailed 2020 stats final

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