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General Description:

This highly affectionate dog often appears to have Velcro attached to him, as he rarely leaves his guardian’s side. In fact, if permitted to get away with it, he will sleep in bed with his guardians, preferring to be under the covers because his short single coat does not offer much protection from the cold.


Size: 40-65 pounds, and 21-24 inches tall at the shoulder


Solid rust coat color some with a small patch of white on the chest or on the toes of the feet only- the coat is short and smooth, with no undercoat. His nose color should blend with his coat, as should his light-colored eyes, which are usually green or blue. The eye-rims, lips, toenails, and pads of the feet are also close to the same color.

Energy Level:

High for the AKC Sporting Group, Very High for dogs in general.

Life expectancy:

12-15 years


Varies with age of Vizsla, all generally good w/ ages 10 +

Other animals:

Varies with each Vizsla.

Dogs: generally good w/ other dogs 10 pounds and up -

As for cats: dog savvy cats.

Not recommended for homes with dogs less than 10 pounds, cats that are not familiar with dogs, chickens and rabbits – due to prey drive as they are a hunting breed.


All purpose gun dog ( points, retrieves, field trials, hunt tests), AKC tracking trials, dock diving, agility, fly ball, narcotics detection work, search and rescue and loving, active family pet …


Shedding can be average, grooming minimal (ears cleaned, nails)


Skin problems, hip dysplasia and epilepsy

Best with:

A loving home, that can provide mental & physical daily exercise, a regular routine, positive training only, as well as having a yard at the home with a minimum 6 ft solid wooden fence or secure farm fencing.

Not for:

An inexperienced dog owner - inactive home - apartment/condo life


Loving, willing to please, active breed


Some can be very boisterous when under 3 yrs old

Further Information:


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