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Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier


Soft Coated Wheaten TerrierSoft Coated Wheaten Terrier


General Description:

Fortunately for this breed, we don’t see too many Wheatens needing rescue here in Seattle. But if you are not in a hurry, we usually have a few SCWTs every so often. If you are wanting to be considered when a dog becomes available for adoption, please fill out an application and submit it. Please be aware that you must have a fenced yard.

If you are looking at Wheatens because of their non-allergy quality, you might want to consider some other non-allergic breed, such as poodles, many poodle mixes and bichon frises.



Females 30-35 lbs. Males 35-40 lbs.





Energy Level:

Lively and alert ; typical terrier.


Life expectancy:

Twelve years or more.



They relate well to children, although they are exuberant and may overwhelm a toddler.


Other animals:

Usually quite compatible with other dogs.



Great at keeping a smile on your face all day. A great watch dog, announcing anyone who approaches your house.



High maintenance and must be groomed regularly. Their hair grows fast and requires clipping every 1-2 months. Brushing regularly is necessary to avoid matting. No shedding.



Basically healthy. They have a higher than normal incidence in PLN (protein losing nephropathy), PLE (protein losing enteropathy, renal dysplasia and Addision's Disease.


Best with:

A spot next to you in your bed, a safe fenced yard, a warm place to snuggle, and a lot of patience and loving.


Not for:

People who are gone a lot, demand perfect obedience, people who don't consider their dog as a part of the family, don't have a fence.



You become their world, fun, adorable, compact , love to go everywhere with you, great companions, very affectionate.



You become their world, can have separation anxiety, stubborn, must be fenced or on-leash.


Further Information:

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