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Scottish Deerhound


Scottish DeerhoundScottish Deerhound


General Description:

Sighthounds are not for everyone; they are unique hounds, almost cat-like in demeanor. They love both active & lazy lifestyles, as long as they are in your company. They are far more sensitive & passive than other breeds of dog & do not respond to harsh training methods or treatment. They are not to be trusted off leash, unless in a secured yard. If you are not familiar with the breed, reading, research & interaction are strongly encouraged prior to bringing one into your home



75 - 120 lbs / 28 - 34 inches



Shades of Black & Grey


Energy Level:



Life expectancy:

9 - 13 yrs



Friendly with children, (although may knock little ones over, due to their large size.)


Other animals:

Good with other pets, sometimes not safe with small animals.



Lure coursing, showing, Pet Therapy, Obedience.



Minimal shedding, groom once weekly



Cardiomyopathy, Bone cancer, Bloat & Torsion


Best with:

Owners with Sighthound experience preferred, fenced yard a must


Not for:

These are not ideal obedience dogs, not apartment dogs, not suitable for outdoor living.



Beautiful, silly, fun, charming, loyal & smart



Some can be aloof; some can be picky eaters. Can be quite destructive as pups if left to their own devices.


Further Information:

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