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General Description:

Sighthounds are not for everyone; they are unique hounds, almost cat-like in demeanor. They love both active & lazy lifestyles, as long as they are in your company. They are far more sensitive & passive than other breeds of dog & do not respond to harsh training methods or treatment. They are not to be trusted off leash, unless in a secured yard. If you are not familiar with the breed, reading, research & interaction are strongly encouraged prior to bringing one into your home.



30 - 60 lbs / 21 – 29 inches.



Any color or combination of colors. Smooth coat & Feathered varieties exist.


Energy Level:

Moderate to active.


Life expectancy:

11 - 15 years.



Tolerant of mature children.


Other animals:

Good with other pets, although many are not safe with cats or small dogs.



Lure coursing, Showing, Agility, Pet therapy.



Minimal shedding & no dog odor. Groom & bathe as needed. Trim nails twice monthly.



Cardiomyopathy, Cancer, Bloat & Torsion, Eye disease.


Best with:

Owners with Sighthound experience preferred, completely fenced yard a must.


Not for:

These are not apartment dogs, not at all suited for outdoor living.



Clean, Quiet, Laid back, Sweet natured.



Some can be aloof. Cannot be trusted off leash if not in a fenced yard. Can have high prey drive.


Further Information:

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