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General Description:

The Puli is medium sized. Lively, intelligent, affectionate, devoted to his family. An ancient species of Hungarian sheepdog. Used for strenuous work of herding flocks on the plains in Hungary. The coat is unique, a tangle of undercoat and outercoat forms cords.



Females: Preferred height at the withers is 14-16 inches, and roughly 22-28 pounds. Males: Preferred height at the withers is 15 - 18 inches, and roughly 28-33 pounds.



Solid colors, black, rusty black, various shades of grey and white.


Energy Level:

HlGH! Needs exercise and training.


Life expectancy:

Average longevity is between 12 to 15 years.



Usually good with children. Has herding temperament, so can exhibit herding tendency, may nip at legs or ankles.


Other animals:

Generally good with other animals. May have chase instinct, prey drive.



Highly intelligent, Puli are excellent at performance sports such as agility, obedience, tracking, rally. Great companion for walks, hiking and mountin biking, however a corded coat will be filthy in no time with Seattle’s climate.



Does not shed once corded. However a corded coat is NOT without it’s own set of problems. Corded coats require an experienced groomer, first to establish the cords and then to maintain. Cords pick up every leaf and pine needle. And act like a sponge on rainy days. If you don’t want a corded coat, you can keep shaved. However, if you prefer a smooth coated dog or cords, there are many breeds to pick from.



Generally healthy. Can have skin problems, and allergies.


Best with:

A job to do. Gets bored easily.


Not for:

Home alone or a kennel dog. Someone who doesn’t want to spend quality time with the dog, training and interacting.



Intelligent. Some say the most intelligent breed. Happy little guy.



Coat care. Fairly hard to find in rescue. Puli breeders are responsible and take back their dogs, so they don’t often end up in a shelter.


Further Information:

Puli Club of America
Puli Rescue
American Kennel Club
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