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General Description:

The Papillon is strongly attuned to its owner, equally willing to curl up on a lap or fetch a ball. It is an athletic dog, not to demanding of outdoor exercise, but capable of enjoying walks or having its human exercise and do agility and obedience. Papillons generally have a long and healthy life expectancy.



Females: Preferred height at the withers is eight to eleven inches, and roughly 6 to 10 pounds. Males: Preferred height at the withers is eight to eleven inches, and roughly 6 to 11 pounds.



Tri, Sable (red and white) or black and white


Energy Level:

High energy, can be stubborn at time, very smart but very eager to learn and to please.


Life expectancy:

Twelve to fourteen years.



I normally do not place Papillons with children under five years of age. Some Papillons can be very fine boned and some children can be a little to rough.


Other animals:

They get along will with other household pets.



Papillons are a wonderful dog for agility, obedience and some also do well in fly ball.



Grooming on a Papillon is very minimal. They are basically a “wash and wear” dog. The only trimming that is done is on the pads of their feet and doing toe nails. They require brushing at least once a week and before bathing need to be brushed out and blown dry. While blow driving be sure and continue brushing the coat so that they do not mat.



The Papillons is generally a healthy dog. You need to inquire about luxating patellas, knee problem, especially if you would like to do agility, obedience or fly ball.


Best with:

A loving home with a gentle but firm hand.


Not for:

Again, not a home with very small children and aggressive larger dogs.



Easy to care for, loving and a wonderful disposition and a very desirable companion. They are extremely easy to travel with.



Can be stubborn therefore a firm hand.


Further Information:

Puget Sound Papillons
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