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General Description:

The Komondor is an anchient breed that originated in Hungary. It is livestock protection dog, and Komondors are serious about their duties to protect their flock. Without livestock to protect, they will assume the role of guardian to family and property. They need to live a properly secure fenced yard. This is not the breed to use an “invisible fence” containment system, or tied in the yard.

A highly intelligent dog, the Komondor needs socialization and obedience training. A Komondor requires a strong leader, if will take over the job if the owner does not assume that role. This is NOT the breed for everyone. They require an owner with large dog experience. Don’t let the coat fool you, these can be serious working dogs. Do you homework and visit a Komondor in its home environment before deciding on the breed.

The Komondor’s coat is corded. These do not come out when washed, and will eventually grow to reach the ground. Cording is basically controlled matting, and large mats must be hand split in to smaller mats. Many pet owners do shave their dogs, and that is an option.



Females:  Preferred height at the withers is 25.5 inches, and roughly 70 pounds. Males:  Preferred height at the withers is 27.5 inches, and roughly 85-100 pounds.





Energy Level:

Does not require a lot of exercise, but also does not exercise itself. Will need interaction with the owner, i.e. walks on leash. Not a dog to chase the ball, and often not good at ‘dog parks’ playing in groups.


Life expectancy:

10 to 12 years



Usually good with children in the family it has been raised with, it may not be accepting of non-family members. Care should be taken to have an area to separate the dog from strangers who come into the home or yard.


Other animals:

A livestock guardian dog, the Komondor is generally good with other animals of it’s own family. It may however not be tolerant of animals that come on to what it perceives as its property.



While a few Komondors have excelled at obedience and performance events, the Komondor is not generally regarded as a “performance” dog. That said, it is strongly recommended that Komondors be taken to obedience classes to communicate to the dog who is in charge.



While Komondors do not shed, the coat is very high maintenance. Cording the coat is best done with the help of an experienced owner at your side. It takes months of work and is very time consuming. If a Komondor is allowed to get dirty, bathing takes hours and drying takes days. The corded coat is not easy to care for. While cutting the coat off is an option, if you prefer a short coated dog, consider a breed that comes that way.



Komondors are generally healthy dogs, although subject to hip dysplasia. Bloat (Gastric Torsion) also occurs in Komondors and requires immediate medical care.


Best with:

Experienced dog owner.


Not for:

Owners who want a clean and odorfree house. The bring in lots of leaves and dirt in their coat. Once wet from rain, the smell like a damp sheep for days.



Loyal, protective, amusing, unique, attention getting.



Not social, wary of strangers (if you want a pet sitter, start training early), protective, and attention getting (constantly being asked ‘what kind of dog is that’ gets old fast).


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