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Italian Greyhound


General Description:

They are fabulous pets. They came about in the 17th century and were adored by the ladies. The first estrus is around 18months. Usually no problem whelping. They are a joy to own. They are funny, sweet, delightful and ever so bright and clever.



Size: 7-10 pounds and ideally 13-15 in at the withers.



Most colors and markings are acceptable. Colors all shades of red, fawn, blue, black, piebald all usually with lots of white.


Energy Level:


Life expectancy:

They may live up to 15yrs or more.



They are gentle, playful and loving companions. They generally prefer their own family and are often aloof to strangers.


Other animals:





The coat is fine, smooth and glossy.




Best with:

The I.G is a fabulous companion loving and so loves to cuddle they are adorable. They are bright alert and most loving of dogs.


Not for:



They are most content in constant contact with human beings and they are excellent travelers.



Puppies are fragile and subject to fractures due to their high energy levels. This may last up to two years of age.


Further Information:

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