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Gordon Setter


General Description:

Alert and confident, the Gordon Setter is devoted to his family. Although they are bright, they are not blindly obedient, so may appear stubborn. Gordons are capable of adapting to a variety of living situations, but need plenty of daily exercise on leash or in a fenced area.They are not good apartment dogs. Can be fence climbers without enough exercise.



Females: Preferred height at the withers is 23-26 inches, and roughly 40-70 pounds. Males: Preferred height at the withers is 24-27 inches, and roughly 55-80 pounds.



Black with tan spots


Energy Level:



Life expectancy:

10 to 12 years.



Setters love their family, but will be standoffish to strangers.


Other animals:

Not always good with cats and fowl.



Setters are very sensitive and should be trained in a loving manner. They can do obedience if started when young.



Silky long hair that sheds. They need to be groomed regularly or will become matted.



Hip dysplasia, bloat and eye problems.


Best with:

People as an indoor and outdoor in an active life style.


Not for:

Couch potatoes.



Very loving to family.



Will become destructive if does not get enough exercise.


Further Information:

AKC website
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