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Galgo - Spanish Greyhound


Galgo Spanish Greyhound


General Description:

Sighthounds are not for everyone; they are unique hounds, almost cat-like in demeanor. They love both active & lazy lifestyles, as long as they are in your company. They are far more sensitive and passive than other breeds of dog & do not respond to harsh training methods or treatment. They are not to be trusted off leash, unless in a secured yard. If you are not familiar with the breed, reading, research & interaction is strongly encouraged prior to bringing one into your home.



44 - 70 Lbs/ 23 - 29 inches at the shoulder.



Any color or combination of colors & Brindle (Except Black & Tan).


Energy Level:

Moderate. Easy going and peaceful while at home. Can become quite active if in pursuit of small game.


Life expectancy:

12-15 years.



Can be good with well-behaved or older children and will avoid confrontation as opposed to challenge it. Supervision with children is recommended with all breeds of dog!


Other animals:

Occasionally not cat or small animal safe. Likes to live with other dogs.



Lure coursing, Companionship.



Medium shedding, brush weekly, bathe as needed. Galgos can be wire coated or smooth coated like a Greyhound.



Generally healthier than Greyhounds, but can still suffer from: Periodontal Disease, Bloat & Torsion, Cancer, Irritable Bowel, Epilepsy, Skin can tear easier than other breeds.


Best with:

Completely fenced yard (at least 5 ft,) leashed if not in yard, mature owners & family with some Sighthound experience a plus.


Not for:

Galgos are not a good choice for people without a fenced yard.



Easy going, beautiful, quiet, Hypoallergenic for some people with allergies to other breeds, No dog odor. Trusting & clean, affectionate & smart.



Can sometimes be unsafe with livestock and small pets. Spanish Greyhounds can sometimes be aloof or timid, but never vicious. They are absolutely not suited for outdoor living and cannot be trusted off leash.


Further Information:

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