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Doberman Pinscher


Doberman Pinscher


General Description:



M - 25-27", F - 24"-26", weights can vary but the Doberman is considered a "medium size dog" so those who are taller than the standard allows or weigh over 100# are oversized or overweight.



Black, red, blue, fawn - with tan or rust markings - *white* or Albino not an allowed *color*.


Energy Level:

Very active.


Life expectancy:

9 to 14 years.



Good with kids if the kids are good with dogs. Definitely require an alpha human household with dog experience.


Other animals:

Same sex aggressive is sometimes found - especially with males.



Anything they want to do!



Occasional bath, regular nail clipping; shed marginally.



Cardiomyopathy, von Willebrands Disease (a bleeding disorder), Wobblers (CVI), Chronic Active Hepatitis.


Best with:

Experienced owners who are smarter than the dog; must be made a part of the family!


Not for:

Someone who wants a dog as a lawn ornament or someone not willing to take the time and money to train.



Incredibly loyal and loving; silly, yet regal.





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