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General Description:



50pounds, 15" tall



Any color but all black or black & white


Energy Level:

Generally a couch potato, but do like to go for daily walks


Life expectancy:

8 to 11 yrs



Older dogs generally good with well-behaved children, but 2 and under are too energetic to be recommended around small children


Other animals:

Depends on the bulldog






Bathing occasionally, daily cleaning of face wrinkles, ears and depending on the type of tail, the area under the tail needs daily cleaning.



Possible elongated soft palate, small trachea, allergies, dermatitis, eyelid anomalies, hip dysplasia & heart problems. Must go to a vet that has Bulldog experience.


Best with:

Fenced yard, a job, confident owners, early socialization, big soft pillow, condo owners, apartments (if the adopter has been there for more then 2 yrs).


Not for:

Perfect obedience, those who don't appreciate self-thinkers, active people



Great companions, quiet (except for occasional gas), love to be with their people.



High Maintenance breed, Health issues


Further Information:
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