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Belgian Sheepdog


General Description:

Well balanced, square dog, elegant, strong agile,alert and full of life A can “do anything” dog High energy and extremely smart, very protective of his “person” or family.



Females: Preferred height at the withers is 22-24 inches, and roughly 45-55 pounds. Males: Preferred height at the withers is 24-26 inches, and roughly 60-70 pounds.



Red,mahogany, fawn, black mask


Energy Level:

Medium to high, daily training and exercise a must.


Life expectancy:

11 to 15 years



Well behaved children should be fine. An adult to supervise is needed


Other animals:

Some Belgians have a very strong prey drive,others are fine with small animals and other dogs, training and a watchful eye are best.



They excel in tracking, agility, fly ball, hiking,herding,obedience, you ask and they will try anything.



They all shed, at least once a year, malinois brush every couple days day. A daily brushing especially in the long coated Tervuren and Sheepdog is needed.



Belgians in general enjoy good health, hip and elbow dysplasia in less commom in Belgians than in other large breeds, cancer affects all breeds Eye issues need to be addressed, Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) should be checked for yearly. Epilepsy an inherited disease found in the tervuren and Sheepdog but not in the malinois.


Best with:

Active fun loving devoted people, Belgians want to Be family members.


Not for:

Aggressive, heavy handed individuals, this is a sensitive breed and will do your bidding with a soft firm approach and much praise.



Super fun eager dog wants to do everything with its owner.



Belgians can be excitable, noise sensitive, some bark a lot and love to run and chase.


Further Information:

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