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Bearded Collie


General Description:

The Bearded Collie is a medium sized, shaggy coated herding dog that developed in Scotland; the breed gained recognition in the UK in the mid 20th century and in the US a few decades later.  They are curious, engaging, exuberant, outgoing, friendly and funny.  They are hardy and active, lithe and elegant.  They are intelligent, soulful companions, and have a dash of the clown about them.



Females:  Preferred height at the withers is 20-21 inches, and roughly 40-45 pounds.  Males:  Preferred height at the withers is 21-22 inches, and roughly 50-55 pounds.



Black, brown, blue or fawn with varied white markings, usually on the head, collar, feet, tip of tail and chest but also occasionally predominantly white.  Some may also have tan points.


Energy Level:

Bearded Collies are exuberant, outgoing and usually active into their golden years.  Most have a very adaptive energy level, and will typically mold themselves to the routine of their human counterparts.  Beardies are natural athletes, and will do best if given lots of opportunities to exercise and interact.


Life expectancy:

12 to 15 years



Beardies can be a great fit with children, given appropriate adult supervision.  They will naturally herd small animals, including humans.  Children must not overexcite, taunt or torment their Beardie, and Beardie hair is not for pulling.  Beardies are not “soft-mouthed”, and a nip will hurt.


Other animals:

Beardies love other Beardies especially, and do well with cats.  A Beardie who has not been raised with cats will be fascinated initially (and will chase, stare etc), but typically the Beardie will get over this ardor and the two can cohabitate peacefully.



As mentioned previously, Beardies are natural athletes, and excel and all performance sports.  They love to partner with a human and make delightful training partners.



Grooming is a major consideration.  A Beardie in full coat will need head-to- toe grooming at least weekly.  Professional grooming must also be maintained, and prices for maintaining a Beardie’s coat professionally vary.



Beardies are generally relatively healthy, but can be affected by autoimmune disease (Addison’s disease, SLO, IMHA, Evans Syndrome), hypothyroidism, degenerative joint disease, allergies, digestive issues, cancers and other health issues.
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Best with:

A family that will consider the Beardie as part of the family and include the Beardie in all plans.


Not for:

Situations in which the Beardie will be left alone for hours on end, left outside or deprived of opportunities to exercise and think.



Outgoing, active, exuberant into old age.



Same as above, plus they need grooming!


Further Information:
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